Streamlined financing built for energy efficiency

Custom payment plans and tools for energy savings products and services

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Flexible Financing

Fund energy savings projects between $50,000 and $2,000,000.

Easy Application

Simple application process makes closing deals quick and easy.

Quality Installation

Contractors and partners are pre-qualified, ensuring the job is done right.

Finance projects quickly and easily

SparkFund simplifies the purchasing process for energy efficient products and services.

We provide instant pricing estimates for every project. Our application is one page, we turn around approvals in as little as 48 hours, and we don’t require collateral beyond the equipment.

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Custom payment plans for partners

We give partners tools to offer zero-upfront financing on every deal.

SparkFund partners with contractors and energy product manufacturers to create customized financing solutions. Partners include a white-labeled payment plan option in every proposal, eliminating the barrier of upfront cost.

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Savings from day one

SparkFund makes energy efficiency projects cash flow positive.

Our flexible financing structure lets customers choose their own terms so organizations can install new LED lights or a more energy efficient HVAC system and save more than they pay.

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What our partners are saying…

“The energy efficiency industry has been waiting for SparkFund. Their simple business model makes energy-efficient technologies accessible to every business.”

Billy Grayson

Former WESCO Sustainability Director

“LumiGrow's payment plan powered by SparkFund is simplifying the way we sell our greenhouse lighting and spectrum control software. Our sales team loves the financing calculator or ‘slider.’ This tool makes it easy for customers to understand the benefits of our product without worrying about the upfront cost.”

Caroline Nordahl Wells

Lumigrow COO

“SparkFund's model is brilliantly simple. Their financing calculator makes selling my efficiency projects so much easier.”

Ashley Chance

Eco Energy Development CEO

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